March 4, 2019

Robotics Week 1 Competition

With the end of the Week 1 competition at Mount Vernon, I must say, the team has improved heavily from the past years I was a member in, This competition, we managed to place 13 out of 36, firmly cementing our spot in the top half of the teams! While we did have some issues during the first day—specifically the fact we used Eclipse to code our robot as this was the FRC standard engine for Java development for many years now, however this year Eclipse was depreciated and no longer supported. As such, we spent many hours porting our code into a compatible engine (VSCode), which to add on to that, the wifi speed was incredibly poor, due to the massive amount of connections with all the robots, and the cement building the competition was in. As a result, we unfortunately had to forefiet our first 2 matches to ensure all the code was deployed correctly and working. If we had sorted our earlier issues out before, I vehemently believe we could have been top 10.

Furthermore, we were able to get drafted and make our way into the elimination rounds! Although, unfortunately we were eliminated in our first match against the alliance that would later come second in the whole competition.

I believe that it was in part thanks to my leadership that the team has come so far since my first season, two years ago. We went from last place to 24/39, to now 13/36.

Finally here is our current robot, as well as some other miscellaneous images from throughout the competition:

Here’s hoping we do well in our next competition on the 22nd!


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