March 12, 2019


Some more updates of mine!

These past few weeks have been action packed for me.


I’ve spent a good amount of time on the behind the scenes of this site, from cleaning up the internal code of the site, to adding in new features, such as a newsletter. Yes, now I’ve got a newsletter! You can now subscribe to my website and receive updates whenever I post something new!

First Robotics Competition

Additionally, with my second FRC competition in two weeks, my team and I have been working on ways to improve our robot. Specifically we will try to design a new mechanism for a specific aspect of the game as well as redesign an old one. We will also allocate more time for driver practice and further testing of our robot. When these new modifications are made, we will hopefully be able to compete far better than our last, hopefully even making top 10!

TSA Software Development

Additionally, there have been many projects I’ve been working on lately, from school projects, to personal ones. Firstly, I have been refining my TSA software development program, in which with a partner I have created an application aimed at helping out local churchgoers of my teammates church. In this specific project, we designed an android application designed to help people access and keep up to date with the church’s news, updates, and sermons. For TSA, we will be competing in three weeks, from the 28th to 31st.

IB CS IA-Worldcubers Application

Furthermore, as I am in an IB Computer science class, I have been working on my Internal Assessment. For my IA, I have been creating a Java application for my worldcubers site. So far, I have been successfully able to create a simple web browser in NetBeans, allowing me to display the contents of an HTML file in a Java application. Within time, I hope to be able to read and write a SQL database using  Java.

Combinatorial Game Theory

In my other Computer Science class, we are working on a research project, in which we take a concept that seems complex, and try to implement it. For my project I have been trying to create an artificial intelligence that will determine who will win in a game of Gobblet. Hopefully, by the end of this project I will have a successful AI, in which if I input in a game board, I will receive who will most likely win the game, and the AI’s percentage confidence in this fact.

RPG Game-More Info Soon

Lastly, as a personal project I have been tinkering with the Unity game engine in the attempt to create a full fledged game and product. In this, project I have currently created a basic Artificial intelligence that will chase a target. I’ve also created a basic combat system, allowing the player and enemy to kill each other. In time, as I have the ability to work on this project as the others are done, I hope to expand on this game, unless other projects peak my interest.

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