December 18, 2019


Over the past two years, I have been personally developing my own file cloud sharing platform, mostly due to a growing dislike for Google Drive. Recently, with the growing controversy, and many lawsuits, revolving around the company, I decided to start working on publishing it.

Of course, such a project did not have a swift beginning. During the summer of 2017, I remember spending countless hours researching the ideal ways file hosting had been done in the past. From viewing the source code of many open source file clouds, to browsing articles, I learned one of the common methods to store compressed files over a multitude of different file locations / servers. Of course, as a one man, one computer programmer, this was not really possible. As such, I decided to store encrypted files, on a web server. The result of this project was DosDrive.

DosDrive is one of my first projects I decided to start publishing and marketing. With DosDrive, new users have a free 50GBs worth of storage, and can share and modify their files anywhere on the go, magnified greatly by the recent android application I built for it. To keep it brief and simple, more info regarding this project can be found at

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