Monthly Archives: July 2018

Brief Hiatus

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a road trip in which I will be visiting a couple of the colleges I will be applying to. As such, there will be little new things from me. I should be back roughly August 22nd.

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Procedural Generation

Today, I decided to revisit an old engine I’ve used in the past, the Zero engine, in order to assess my memory of it. In my humble opinion as a computer programmer, it is only natural to know and understand multiple languages as well as to be able to learn […]

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Fighting Game Day 4

Apologies again for the brief hiatus, I’ve had some other pressing concerns, with Senior year on the horizon, much more of my time is going to studying for standardized tests as well as to prepare for college applications. But today, I’ve actually got some spare time. So, I decided to revisit […]

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Pokémon Battle Simulator

The Pokémon series has always been a favorite of mine. Thus to commemorate the series, I decided to create a fan game around it. To challenge myself, I decided to create this in an unconventional engine: Visual Studio. I decided to focus specifically on battles in order to ease my […]

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Computer Crash

Unfortunately, today my desktop suddenly crashed, and windows would not boot up on my drive. Luckily, I didn’t lose any important files, however it took me essentially the entire day to So, if anyone else out there suddenly receives windows start up error 0xc000000, here is how I personally fixed […]

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