Monthly Archives: September 2018

3D Printing

3A year back, I purchased a small 3D-printer called a Monoprice MP Select Mini. After this, I’ve fallen in love with 3D printing. It has really given me a way to explore and create. One of my most recent projects is one of a life sized sword from one of […]

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Seattle VR / AR Hackathon 2018

Today I got back a 3 day Virtual & augmented reality oriented Hackathon. I was apart of a group of 7 and we decided to build an augmented reality game for the Magic Leap. Our game titled DARgon ThAR DestroyAR, in this game, heavily inspired by the internet character Trogdor […]

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Vice President of Robotics

With the school year already starting, it is now time for me to prepare for the upcoming FRC season. As the vice president, one of my specific duties is to lead the team in programming the robot. Yet, the FRC framework changes almost annually. As such, I have spent a […]

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