September 23, 2018

3D Printing

3A year back, I purchased a small 3D-printer called a Monoprice MP Select Mini. After this, I’ve fallen in love with 3D printing. It has really given me a way to explore and create. One of my most recent projects is one of a life sized sword from one of my favorite fantasy novels, Anduril from the Lord of the Rings.


I’ve got everything printed, now is just the fun part: gluing it all together.

Here is the sword, held together right now by only friction, blood, and tears


The printer itself was quite cheap, but is an incredible printer regarding that price. However, the printer is quite small, and as such I had to split up the already split model into more parts to just fit the sword to allow me to print it.

Beautiful quality, considering it’s a printer that cost me less than $100


Here’s the website where I got this amazing looking model.

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