June 20, 2018

Fighting Game Day 3

I decided to take a break on the combo system and went to work on an AI. As I’m no expert on AIs, I decided to create a simple, yet effective one. The AI would first determine whether to move, attack, or do nothing. If the ai is doing nothing, then it might have a chance to jump on its own, or it will jump to mirror the player. If the AI is moving, it would have an 80% chance of moving towards the player, or 20% chance to avoid them. I gave each AI character the single combo I made and randomized how far they would achieve that combo. While simplistic, the AI would showcase all the previous systems I built.

Thus, through a massive amount of RNG and conditionals, I created an ai that would perform these actions and serve a decent challenge to a player.

While this blog post was short, I spent a large amount of time perfecting the percentages and fine-tuning the ai. For now, this seemed to be the end of this fighting game, unless I create or find more art.


Here is a link to where you can view my progress:Fighting Game

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