June 18, 2018

Fighting Game Day 1

Ever since I was young, I’ve always felt attracted to fighting games, their simplistic, elegant controls, and all of the cool interesting characters. As such, I wanted to challenge my self to create one. I started off finding some free, premade assets I could use as placeholders, then created some simple code to animate the static sprite. Utilizing light, I created a flashing spotlight in front of the sprite. This created a simplistic, yet effective title animation. Then I started on the rest of a title screen, allowing the player to start the game and choose whether to play against another player or against an AI —Hopefully, I’ll be able to implement all of this. That out of the way, I went to the drawing board. I decided to create a character select screen,  with 3 different fighters, each just being a different color pallet of the base sprite I had in order to differentiate between them. Using a simple Grid-based layout, I can easily add more characters and have everything ordered and work in a way that requires no extra code. This code was incredibly simplistic since each separate fighter is a prefab I just associated each portrait with a different fighter and assigned player 1 or 2 with the correct character.

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