William Siauw

Pokémon Battle Simulator

The Pokémon series has always been a favorite of mine. Thus to commemorate the series, I decided to create a fan game around it. To challenge myself, I decided to create this in an unconventional engine: Visual Studio. I decided to focus specifically on battles in order to ease my […]

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Computer Crash

Unfortunately, today my desktop suddenly crashed, and windows would not boot up on my drive. Luckily, I didn’t lose any important files, however it took me essentially the entire day to So, if anyone else out there suddenly receives windows start up error 0xc000000, here is how I personally fixed […]

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Dice Roller

Terribly sorry for the 2 week hiatus, I was at Georgia attending TSA Nationals for a majority of said gap. Anyways, to return into programming, I decided to create a dice roller app, to challenge myself I wanted to create it in only one hour, but include as many features […]

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Fighting Game Day 3

I decided to take a break on the combo system and went to work on an AI. As I’m no expert on AIs, I decided to create a simple, yet effective one. The AI would first determine whether to move, attack, or do nothing. If the ai is doing nothing, then […]

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Fighting Game Day 2

Now that I have a working title and select screen, I started on a basic fighting system. The first script I created was a StateManager, a script that will control the player’s information including their health, whether or not they’re moving, attacking, in the air, etc. Using these variables I […]

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Fighting Game Day 1

Ever since I was young, I’ve always felt attracted to fighting games, their simplistic, elegant controls, and all of the cool interesting characters. As such, I wanted to challenge my self to create one. I started off finding some free, premade assets I could use as placeholders, then created some simple […]

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