September 17, 2018

Seattle VR / AR Hackathon 2018

Today I got back a 3 day Virtual & augmented reality oriented Hackathon. I was apart of a group of 7 and we decided to build an augmented reality game for the Magic Leap. Our game titled DARgon ThAR DestroyAR, in this game, heavily inspired by the internet character Trogdor the Burninator, the player utilizes specific hand gestures, such as an ok sign or a C to control the dragon in its quest to burn down a village. The player can move around specific planes and each plane possesses a small village with sheep, thatch roofed cottages, and peasants. The dragon can move around and burn anything in its path, and can also stomp on its enemies. I specifically worked on the enemies, and worked with getting the code to recognize different planes in the real world. Miraculously, our team won first place in this hackathon! The judges said they were impressed with the variety of the gestures, and its uniqueness, as well as how well we were able to implement the features of the Magic Leap.


Here is a photo of the team, 3 members were absent from this picture however.

Finally, here’s a photo of the neat little trophy we earned.


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