Hunt the Wumus

An adventure styled game created for Hunt the Wumpus 2017. Created by me and a small team of 4 other programmers.


I enrolled in Computer Science with C# Net during my sophomore year at my current high school. Towards the end of the year in May, for a final project, we split up into teams and participated in Hunt the Wumpus, a game development competition hosted yearly by Microsoft in which high schools from across the state split into teams and create a video game based on certain parameters and showcase it at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond. I served as the lead programmer during this project, ensuring my team members were progressing through their designated tasks and ensuring the project would be completed by the deadline in June.


This game’s features include:

  • Working trivia system complete with 40 questions
  • 5 different cave systems to explore, one with cheatcodes showing enemy room locations and rooms that doors lead to
  • working highscore system created in one hour, the person in my group tasked with creating the system originally unfortunately moved away before its completion.
  • working currency system in which you earn coins by moving through rooms and can use coins to purchase arrows and secrets.