Tower Defense Game

A simple 5 wave tower defense game created in the span of roughly 3 hours.


This project was created at CodeDay in Seattle. CodeDay is a worldwide event in which programmers, artists, musicians, and everyone else has 24  hours to create an application, game, etc. My group earned the second place award for overcoming challenges and creating a successful result. Our initial goal was to make a tower defense game in Java, using the Eclipse IDE, however after a few hours we felt we didn’t have enough to properly finish this project, so we decided to switch to C++, however only one person in our group knew enough about the language, so we finally decided to switch to C#, using the Unity Engine. This is the result of that roughly 3 hour project.

Official Code Day Website

This game’s features include

  • A life system in which you lose the game after a certain number of zombies get through
  • 2 different towers and a working shop system, a machine gun tower, and a slower, increased range and damage sniper tower.
  • 5 increasingly challenging waves